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Maple joy Cabin – Tiny home on wheels


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There may also be a possibility for the buyer to buy the tiny home and also rent the land that it’s on, but we would have to check with the owners of the property.

Otherwise the tiny house can be delivered to you at buyers cost.



Beautiful spacious tiny house.

It is unique in that it has a big lounge area where you can put your own furniture – a sofa bed, bookcase, desk etc.

Dimensions are 3.1m wide x 8m long x 4.2m high (off the ground). This extra width makes for a spacious small home.

Fully galvanised steel frame with electric, hydraulic levelling stands that not only level the home, but also lift it off the trailer. This detachable system adds huge value to the house. 6 x bolts to undo, and you can lower the stands, lift the house off the triple axle trailer, and drive it off for a warrant or even sell it to return $12,000. This was designed to accomodate for the extra width to keep the trailer, but not the ‘load’ within the legal envelope.

3.6m cedar bifold doors with a second back entrance, also cedar, rustic/modern 1100mm wide door. Stairs can be bolted to the back or front entrance.

Windows are cedar timber framed, home is cedar joinery.

WIndows are toughened glass.

The weatherboards are themally modified, eco, non-toxic durable.

Timber interior is Oregon.

Bolt on stairs are kauri.

Upstairs, is a spacious sleeping loft with ample head room, space for a super king mattress or 2 single beds, and stair access.

Lounge has space for a queen or king sofa bed, or normal bed up to king size. Or you can put in your dining table, desk, bookcase etc.

Below the loft is the kitchen with granite bench tops,black glass hob, matt black tapware and plenty of drawers for storage. Plus a fridge-freezer.

Comes with a near new Puretec Water Filter (installed in late Feb 2020) – manual says its good for 60,000 Litres before changing filter.

* Bathroom with black tile-look walls, stone flooring, matt black shower head, and Separett Villa 9010 waterless toilet.Wagener Sparky fireplace with stone hearth. Has a flat cooking area on top of it.Recycled Oregon flooring, white monolithic walls – no joins.Exterior weatherboards are awesome eco-friendly thermally treated from Abodo. Cladding Thermally modified, eco timber designed for hidden fixings. No screws showing. This is a long lasting premium product from Abodo.

* Solar powered with x3 250w solar panels, three deep cycle batteries and a metre to tell you the input/output and storage level (via the charge controllers)

Two separate solar systems each with their own Epever Tracer 30A MPPT charge controller and battery system. Both 12V Systems.

– First battery bank is 180AH (runs the 400 Watt DC-AC Inverter for small appliances (low watt juicer, blender, laptop, phones etc), plus a small fridge) All adequately fused and earthed.

– Second battery bank is 120AH (runs houselights, shower fan and 24/7 toilet fan)

– 4 HiFi Speakers built into the walls at high points and cables exiting near system should anyone want to re-install. We took out the amp as wasn’t needed and made space for inverter.

-Extension lead installed and ducted from inverter to multi board on wall

– House comes with spare 290W solar panel (haven’t installed yet)

– House comes with earthing rod if wanted.

Height of Kitchen is almost exact 2metres.

height of loft we cant measure right now but on the high end its about 1.3 metres

house is:
– 12volts for solar system which runs houselights, toilet and shower fan and the fridge.

– mains for all the plug in power points.

complete separate systems. Mains and solar system was installed by certified electrician.

As we wanted to live entirely off grid we have a small 400W inverter which gives us 230V AC power via an extension lead and multiboard which we use for small appliances like low powered juicer and laptop etc.

Full electric breakaway brakes fitted to the triple axle trailer, 2 of 3 axles fitted with electric disk brakes and shock absorbers.

Towing simply requires hazard panels at each corner.

This tiny house has been professionally valued at $130k.

Lights run off solar panels, with the option of a mains power connection also.

Hose connection required on-site.

Hot water runs on a gas califont.

Your site will need to have good access for the towing vehicle to get it in and also to be as level as possible.

This house has been designed to mitigate legal weight issues. It is transportable but not designed to be taken on the road often given size and likely over 3.5 tonne. The house is fully detachable with the hydraulic stands for keeping the trailer road legal. But due to the width you wouldn’t, like many tiny homes, want to travel with it often.

With it’s detachable nature, it can also be transported on the back of a truck or towed with a 3.5 tonne rated vehicle.

The interior wall lining is Ply as this is more practical for portable buildings. The joins were planned down, filled with two pot epoxy resin, sanded and repeated to create the monolithic white look.

The lights are all led run off 12 volts. All plumbing, wiring and gas was done by the appropriate tradesmen.

The walls and ceiling are all insulated with new earth wool. The underfloor has not been but I will supply the insulation in case you choose to do this. It a craft knife and glue job as it’s solid 50mm polystyrene.

(There may also be a possibility for the buyer to keep the tiny home on the current land, and rent the land, but we would have to ask the landlords of the property as that may not suit them.

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