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NZ Freedom Cabins


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Q What will the approximate cost be for delivery of the units

If you have a flat section with easy access they will place the unit in position. We work with a starting rate of $5 per km for 6-8m cabins and for our larger units starting from $8 per km from our site in Tauranga to yours. For example for a smaller cabin from Tauranga to Hamilton is 100km which at $5 per km would cost approximately $500.

Q How can I prepare my site for smooth delivery

We ask that you clear trees and obstructions allowing a minimum clearance of 3.5meters wide and 3.8meters high. You will also need to ensure that there's space to move the cabin into place.

Q How long does it take to get my cabin?

Typically it takes around 8-12 weeks to take delivery on the cabins ordered. Please check in with us as we often carry cabins in stock.

Q Water connection on the units

We make it easy to connect the units with easy to access connection pipes underneath the builidng. We recommend using black alkathene pipe as normal garden hose can be toxic.

Hot water is supplied to the cabin either by connecting to an existing hot water source in your house or by having a gas califont installed on the cabin. If a califont is required, you will need to get your local gas fitter to connect it once the unit gets to your site as they need to inspect it once the unit is in place. This is for safety reasons.

Q How to deal with wastewater from units

Septic tank connection
If the placement of the unit has a higher elevation than an your sewage system the waste water may be gravity feed using drainage pipes. The use of macerator system is also reccomend which mulches the solids into the liquids and pumps them through a flexible pipe to a sewage system.


Composting Toilet
If there is no existing septic tank and you're not planning to get one installed we can install a composting toilet and the water from the shower, vanity and kitchen sink can be treated with a greywater treatment system.

Q Power connection to units

All our cabins electrical work is done by a qualified electrition and have a caravan style connection. Electrical certs are available upon request and an additional fee of $150.

Q Do we offer finance?

Yes, we can provide rent to buy options using a third party finance company.
The exact weekly cost depends on a number of factors, such as:
The value of the cabin you are interested in
The loan term (The length of time you wish the pay the cabin off in)
The size of your deposit
Your credit rating
Like all loans, general lending criteria apply and an application form must be filled in for the finance company to assess.

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