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Tarras area paradise


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We have approximately 15 acres along the Lindis River and can offer access to beautiful bore water. There are wonderful willows along the river, 2 open paddocks, and a fantastic shelter belt of mature pines, macrocarpa, gum and elm trees.

We are off-grid and using compost toilets. There are several pockets/areas where internet and phone access work, especially with Spark service.

We are keen to expand growing organic food using permaculture methods. We have mature fruit and nut trees, a few tunnel houses and a few open gardens so far. There are 2 horses, 2 chickens, a goat, 2 dogs and 2 cats currently on the property.

We enjoy each other’s company or give each other space as everyone desires. Smoke-free property, we don’t drink much or do the loud music thing. Depending on the size of the area you would like to occupy we request from $125/week. We are open from short to long term options.


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