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Tiny House On Wheels


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Galvalume steel pre-framed tiny house on wheels in Auckland, New Zealand

International market proved galvalume framed tiny houses on wheels now available for sale as parts and as built. Tiny house on wheels has never been so affordable to all New Zealanders for rental investment, first home buyers, tiny house enthusiasts, holiday parks, land share, temporary accommodations, travelers and more possibilities.


Modular Tiny House On Wheels

Our Modular Tiny House On Wheels Specification Tiny house is 2400 W – 7800 L – (2600-2400) H; Trailer: 2400W x 7800L x 680H Light steel structure system: Galvalume light weight steel keel G550,150g/㎡,89C (differences between Galvalume and Galvanized) Metal decorative PU wall panel for wall exterior cover: L*380*16mm OSB board for exterior wall – 1220*2440*9mm (Oriented strand board) Breathing paper DuPont OSB board for interior wall (excluding the bathroom): 1220*2440*9mm Metal decorative PU wall panel for interior wall: L*450*10mm Thermal insulation and sound insulation system: 1) Fiber glass wool for wall: 75mm thick, 12㎡,15Kg/m³ 2) Fiber glass wool for ceiling: 100mm thick, 12㎡, 32Kg/m³ Ceiling: metal decorative panel for bathroom ceiling L*450*10mm Roofing: metal sheet tile L *1000*0.5mm windows: aluminum alloy window size and colors depend; Security door size and colors depend Frame Specification


Q How are the tiny house on wheels delivered?

You can tow the tiny house on your own trailer to your location; If you buy the tiny house together with the trailer you can tow the complete set to your place.

Q Can we pick up the tiny house ourselves?

Yes of course. You can buy the whole tiny house assembly as parts and to install them in your place. It sames the installation cost it might save the transporation cost as well. Detailed assembly specifications and illustrations are available.

Q Does the tiny hosue stay on the trailer?

Yes it can be. However, it is also availabe by assembly pieces: frame, windows and doors, cabinets, panels and roof.

Q Do we need consent for the tiny house on wheels?

No. The tiny house on wheels are like a caravan ready to go for use as temporary space. Building Consent*1 is not required if the tiny house is on a trailer like a bus or other vehicle.

Q What about the toilet waste?

The toilet is going to be connected to special holding tanks which is emptied down into toilet or sewage drain. Flush toilet with could be connected to septic tank, too.

Q Where does the grey water go?

The water goes into a bucket or a soak hole.

Q Power connection?

We have a typical caravan lead & interface box which can be plugged.

Q How is water connected?

It can be connected to an outside hose tap.

Q How close to the boundary can the tiny house be put?

3m off the boundary. Ask neighbors for permission if needed.

Q How long is the tow bar?

1200mm long while extended.

Q How high are the tiny house?

Height 3.2m from the ground to the top of the roof when on the trailer. The inside height is 2.2m on the low side rising to 2.4m on the high side.

Q TV signal connected?

RG6 TV Freeview and satellite cable is built in the tiny house.

Q Phone and internet?

No CAT6 cabling. An flexible wire connection opening is available at front right corner of the house.

Q Rent the tiny house to earn extra income?

Of course yes while it’s your own practices we have no comments. The tiny house on wheels could be used for many means as you want.

Q Can you build the cabin on our site?

Yes, you can assembly by yourself. We can send an installer at extra labor and transportation cost. An experienced installer will save your a lot of time and energy.

Q Can I take the wheels off the tiny house?

As you wish to.

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